Nickel has landed.....

It’s bright, it’s reflective, it’s’s a new finish that I am totally in love with, so much so that I would say it's now my new fav finish and I’m certain you guys are going to love it too….let me  introduce you to our Nickel range in conduit, accessories, sockets and switches….it's just cool!!

I love the simpleness of this finish and how the reflective, deep colour makes it interesting, Nickel has a softer, warmer feel to it than its shiny sister Chrome, it is a lot more appealing and gives off a trendy vibe. This may be why it reminds me of a 70’s or 80’s disco, think big disco balls and roller skates in chic New York clubs...oh boy give me some skates and take me back!!

We have all been working on this finish for a while and I’m so so happy to now be able to show you all, it is made and finished here in Birmingham, if you’ve met Shah or I you will know we pride ourselves on making quality products with sustainability in mind and always trying to give back to the great city of Brum and here Birmingham has truly exceeded it self in creating some beaut components that can be used subtly, but make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of a room.

So please check out the conduit range here and the socket and switches range here and let me know what you think….be bright, be bold, be happy people….you will if you have Nickel in your life. 

Peace & Love