Here at the The Workshop Below we have always cared about the environment and the effects of this "throw away" society. We believe that manufacturing should be done properly, not creating short cuts to save money and that people should be paid fairly for the work they do and for the skills they have.

We manufacture products sustainable by design, we want our products to last the test of time, for a Trafalgar Shade to still be in use or can be used in 100 years, this is something we always have this at the forefront of our minds when creating a design.

We are an independent business and want to give back and support local businesses, Birmingham was the heart of manufacturing and still is in many ways, we take full advantage of this, sourcing products made locally as much as possible, this in turn works amazing for us, as travel time is short and we can collaborate with designers and creatives to product some amazing sustainable products.

At The Workshop Below we do our best to avoid single use plastics, we opt for cardboard, paper tape and paper void fill to send products. We work with First Mile, who offer a waste management service to dispose of our waste, and ensure it is all recycled properly, giving us a report monthly on how we are doing and how much of our waste was recyclable. Having this knowledge gives us an insight into where we need to cut non recycled waste down and makes us think of ways as to how we can do this. We offer a recycling of bulbs and encourage customers to bring there broken bulbs into us to be recycled properly, as an incentive for the customer for the bulbs they bring they can receive 10% off a new bulb. We are very proud to share and display our annual environmental certificate to show our environmental achievements working along side First Mile.