20mm Conduit Cut and Threaded To Size - Rust

20mm Conduit Cut and Threaded To Size - Rust

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Electrical Conduit and accessories have been in used in factories and workshops across the UK for decades. We have seen this look become increasingly popular in bars, hotels and restaurants. We have now made this accessible to complete that urban industrial look yourself, without the need for specialist tools.

Our conduit boxes are compatible with this product. We cut and thread each piece and is made to order. We do all the hard work for you, ready for installation.

Please choose the relevant length from the drop down menu.

Please note*** Conduit threads at each end are not included in the measurement

When selecting conduit length please choose the relevant 'upto' length from the drop down menu and state the exact length you require.


You require a custom length of conduit 450mm long (not including the thread at each end)

Choose option upto 500mm and state in the comments box 450mm length when checking out.

If you require the maximum length for your chosen option please leave no comment.

Minimum length is 100mm excluding threads.

Choosing upto 1000mm without leaving a specific measurement, you will receive a length of conduit of 1000mm (not including threads)

We can also bend and thread conduit to your bespoke requirements, please get in touch if you require something more specific.


If you have any questions regarding this product please let the team know.

This product is corroded and is intended for decorative purposes, please bear this in mind when selecting rusted items.

Some items are rusted to order lead time 2 weeks.