10-20mm Conduit Adaptor - Dark Bronze

10-20mm Conduit Adaptor - Dark Bronze

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PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM IS FINISHED TO ORDER LEAD TIME 4 WEEKS, please contact us for further info.

If you like surface mounted conduit but are not keen on industrial galvanised look, then we’ve got what you need, make statement with our 10-20mm dark bronze conduit adaptor and accessories.

These are adaptors are used to connect our dark bronze conduit to different types of items with a 10mm threaded outlet, such as our bulb holders and ceiling roses. Pop the adaptor on the end of the conduit and tighten the grub screw on the adaptor, then simply screw the item into the adaptor.

Our dark bronze adaptors are machined from solid brass less than a mile away from our workshop.

Unlike our other conduit, our dark bronze conduit is a completely thread less system and does not require any specialist tools for its installation, each outlet is unthreaded which instead comes with an small grub screw on the front of the outlet to hold the conduit in place, you simply cut the dark bronze conduit to your desired length, insert it into the outlet and secure in place using the grub screw.

Also available, the same adaptor with a full 20mm outlet size for connecting our conduit to our wide range of items.

Please note these adaptors are for connecting items to the end of a piece of conduit where limited number of cables need to pass through for connection.

A short 10mm all thread may be required to connect two items both with female threads.

Developed by us and made entirely in Birmingham, UK.

If you require a custom finish, please get in touch.